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The Coffee

I'm not one to jump for a good coffee every day, but sometimes it can be a game changer. For the most part, I stick to the old standard Folgers(yes out of the giant Sam's Club barrel size). I used to always have my coffee in its true form, but a couple factors have changed that over the years.

Factor 1: Adorable tiny adult(see above)

After Alice came along many of my taste preferences were suddenly different, coffee being among the many. I now usually require some form of cream and/or sweetener.

Factor 2: Increased situational awareness(of coffee)

Coffee is coffee is coffee is.......not true! The unfortunate down side of splurging on occasion to have a more expensive coffee is that eventually your budget coffee is not enough. You become aware that the flavor is dull, burnt, shallow or simply cheap.

Enter latte. I've tried many different flavors but I've found the only two that really fit the bill for me are vanilla and hazelnut. I like my 'fancy' coffee to be sweet, but not too sweet and simple enough to let that deep coffee flavor shine through.

Here in Lewistown my coffee shop of choice is The Coffee Cup. I'm not super adventurous so I haven't actually tried every coffee shop in town. If you have a favorite please comment and tell me about it!

Here's the scoop on what's in town.

  1. The Coffee Cup

  2. 618 Coffee

  3. Rising Trout

  4. Snow Mountain Mudd(Drive-through) 406 1st Ave South

  5. 406 Café

  6. Lewistown Coffee Company(New!) East Main next to Taco Time

  7. Starbucks 1318 West Main Street

  8. Starbucks(Albertsons) 117 West Janeaux Street

  9. City Brew(Town & Country) 80421 US-87

So if you find yourself having an off day, you may need to turn it around by coming to Lewistown for a good/fancy/delicious/hot/iced/blended/tall/short coffee. We definitely have the coffee, lots and lots of coffee!

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