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Thanksgiving Traditions

Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie.... We all know the basics of Thanksgiving dinner, but I want to know if you have a family tradition that's out of the norm.

My family has a tradition that came from my Dad's side.....pea salad. I love that we refer to it as a salad because it's completely made up of processed foods and bad fats(canned peas, miracle whip, velveeta, canned green chilies). To top it all off, you eat it by scooping it up with Fritos, the big scooper ones. I know it probably doesn't sound appetizing how I just described it, but it is an absolute necessity at my table for Thanksgiving.

My favorite thing about pea salad is watching it capture the taste of new friends over and over. What I have found is that it takes 2-4 years for you to become a true pea salad fanatic.

  • Year 1: Uh sure I guess, if you insist... did you say this was a salad?

  • Year 2: Oh look there's the pea salad, probably better have some since its tradition and all.

  • Year 3: Excuse me, but I think I need to quality control the pea salad before dinner.

  • Year 4: Hey, I brought extra Fritos since you didn't have enough for the pea salad last year.

And then there you are, a pea salad lover who goes out of their way to ensure there will be enough Fritos to allow everyone to enjoy all of the pea salad.


Dad's Pea Salad Recipe; direct from the Squires Family Cookbook


Comment below to let me know what your family traditions are. Happy Thanksgiving!

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