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A little about me...

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My name is Christy Mills and I am the owner/designer of C-Marie Photography, a photography design business located in Lewistown, MT.  I grew up in Miles City, MT and currently live in Lewistown with my husband and daughter.  Baby number two is scheduled to arrive just in time for Christmas!

I created C-Marie Photography with a goal of designing creative and thoughtful home décor that is unique and affordable for Central Montana.  Please stay tuned to my  website and Facebook page as I develop my ideas and make products available to purchase.


Contact me if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by!



My hobbies include fishing, cooking, arts/crafting and photography.  I enjoy being creative and productive, which is where arts and photography come in, but I've been known to take the night off and enjoy a few beers or some wine, which pairs well with the fishing and cooking.


Religious Objects

My inspiration comes from my faith in God and strong support from my family and friends.  A special shout out to my husband for working extra long hours so that I can be a stay-at-home-mom and try my hand at this business.  


Nature Shot

I have a BS in Business Management from Montana State University and I always wondered if I would ever put it to use.  I truly believe that my place right now is at home raising our kids, but I am excited to have a little side business to apply my career self to.  

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